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We are open to answer all your questions about Cane Corso puppies for sale near you. Call or Text (971) 213-5272. 


Cane Corso for Sale

Cane Corso for Sale specializes in breeding and selling high quality dogs. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality Cane Corso puppies available. We uses their selection process which is ruthless and fully vetted for both health and temperament, to ensure that all of their cane corso are healthy and come with AKC papers.

Our team has years of experience with brand new technologies which allows us to grow steadily, find new ideas and offer the best customer service possible. Not only do we know what is required when breeding a successful dog from day one, but we take care of any issues that come up during that time as well!

If you want a large dog to keep you company and make a good noise throughout the day, the Cane Corso is perfect. These dogs are excellent watchdogs with a sense of duty that can be sure to protect their owners throughout their lives. They are gentle with children and provide a protective presence within the family. King Corsos is very intelligent and easy to train because they learn quickly as they are level headed.

This large and strong breed is perfect for an active family, being fearless and loyal.


It is very high-quality, confident and assertive, attentive to commands and guards against intrusions. They are intelligent dogs, but their training must be done early so that they can get along with other dogs. A cool air of professionalism should show up in their natural manner of conduct. Once a Corsi is done with the intelligence training, they are devoted and happy to please the owner. These dogs have a tendency to bark around strangers making them great guardians for families! However, they may pull away from people outside of their immediate familiarity.

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Cane Corso Puppies Available for Sale

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