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Welcoming to Buy Cane corso puppies near me website, home to multiple Working and Show Champions. We are actively showing and training on our Cane Corso dogs and are quite satisfied with the many accolades they have earned throughout the many years. Check out our individual pages for all the details about their names, achievements and pedigrees, photos and more.

Blue Wings is a rare Italian mastiff Cane Corso breeder which is within Atlanta, Georgia. Our dogs all are pet dogs for families that we dedicate our time taking care of and loving. Our litters are well-planned in advance, to improve our cane Corso line, and to create healthy, happy stable dogs. We’re very selective with the breeds we select and only select the best breeding lines of our breed that are from all over the world. This allows us to breed puppies that have great temperaments just like French Bulldogs for sale and have a well-balanced conformation.

Besides that, every single one of Blue Wings’ Cane Corso is health tested, so every generation Blue Wings produces is an improvement in our line. The Blue Kings Cane Corso pups are raised with children . All our dogs are housed in a kennel with air conditioning and heat conditioning. Blue Wings is a Cane Corso breeder in Georgia.

Cane Corsos are fantastic guardians of your home, family , and their property. They are highly clever, systematic thinkers and quick learners, but require a responsible owner who will lead them in the right way in establishing himself or herself as the leader of the pack and alpha leader.

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The cane corso puppies are a cross between the Italian mastiff and the Neapolitan mastiff.
Cane Corso puppies are usually between 10-16 weeks of age. Prices for these puppies can range from $3,000 to as high as $12,000. There are also many other expenses that you need to account for when getting a cane corso such as food, grooming, vet visits, and training.

Visit our website and study our lines. I’m always available to answer your questions about our dogs or to help you to find the perfect puppy to match your needs!