10 Tips On Cane Corso/King Corso Care

10 Tips On Cane Corso Care

King Corso

King Corso most called Cane Corso Although widely used for pest control and guarding, King Corsos are not well-known breeds invading the United States. With rumours spreading about their misuse as a fighting dog, I seek to debunk those myths with these 10 tips on cane Corso care. If you have one of these intelligent and beautiful dogs in your home, have no fear- they are some of the easiest breeds to take care of!

Keep Him With a Leash

Cane Corso dogs are prone to running away because they have a deep-running instinct. In order to keep him close, use a leash when he is loose in the house or yard and around other family pets who might tempt him to try and run off.

Know the Diet and Things You CAN Give Them

Cane Corso care is more than just feeding your dog. You have to take into consideration their needs. For example, they can drink tap water if they like the mineral content in it, but they typically prefer drinking from a bowl of dog water that has miles around it. Supplying this water is essential for the health of your pet and can tell you a lot about how healthy it is. They should also be fed at least once a day to give them mental stimulation and physical activity as part of their day-to-day routine. Other things you want to prevent can include boils, pain in different parts of the body, and tumours. You can also offer treats or chew toys on occasion for entertainment since these pets are especially smart animals.
Start by scratching him behind his ear to make him think you’re a buddy
Feed your Cane Corso uncooked salmon slices; he’ll enjoy crunching on dried meat too
If your sweet pet gets bored, let them chase mice or chase their tail

Dogs of all Sizes

Owners of Cane Corsos need to take into consideration that their dog might be prone to hip dysplasia and arthritis, or just be a large dog. Owners will need to consider getting the correct harness—for the size of their pet—with the chest strap and anti-pull link. A well-fitted harness should be fairly tight on any animal, but not so tight as to restrict breathing. The fitment needs to be snug at chest level, loose around the neck, and cinchable at the back for control.

Types of Spaces for the Corso

There are many spaces that a Corso will manage well. The first, of course, is a house where there are no stairs. Stairs can be dangerous for older dogs, so give them extra time and allow them to go up or down the stairs in their own time. We also recommend pets who live in an apartment size space stay inside rather than in a yard. Garden space is also desirable where it is fenced and there are no dangers such as ponds, rivers, sewers or even livestock animals nearby that may cause injury to your canine friend.

Grooming the Cane Corso/King Corso Dog

The two reasons why you would want your Cane Corso to be groomed are to reduce matting and protect the dog’s coat. You can use scissors to trim the fur on the belly and legs, but take care not to shave too much of the coat or you risk lowering its insulation qualities. Bathe your Cane Corso grooming product each week and brush it about five times per week for dogs who have long hair.

What to do if Your King Corso is Running Away

The KingCorso is known for being friendly, but they can still be resourceful. If your dog runs away, follow these steps:
-Establish a perimeter using flares, flags, and other objects. Make sure that the “perimeter” is as wide as possible to allow for maneuvering room and avoid dead-end streets.
-Contact the police and inform them of your situation
-Contact your neighbours to see if they noticed anything
-Check the power lines. This will not sound obvious, but some suggest that there have been cases where a dog has reached up onto the power line and slipped while trying to pull itself back down.
-Think of obstacles like low fences or walls and look around in those areas. Keep in mind that your Cane Corso may be more likely to go up than down slopes, even though it might seem like a more stable route.

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